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PingPro USB-C Gaming Media Hub
PingPro USB-C Gaming Media Hub
PingPro USB-C Gaming Media Hub
PingPro USB-C Gaming Media Hub

PingPro USB-C Gaming Media Hub

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100Mbps ethernet for rock-bottom ping. 4K Ultra-HD HDMI for stunning video. 100w PD USB-C for warp-speed charging. USB 3.0 to power your extras like audio or a wired controller.

Features a durable 1m/3ft braided nylon USB-C cable to keep your setup free of "cable clutter" by positioning the hub at a comfortable distance from your device. With a 90-degree head designed to work with your gaming grip, this compact and powerful hub is built for mobile gaming on flagship devices. 

Want to expand your view? The PingPro can also turn your mobile device into a gaming console by connecting it to a monitor or TV for play using a compatible Bluetooth or wired controller. Connect using a 4K HDMI cable to play your favorite mobile games on the big screen!

Includes optional velcro surface mounts to secure the hub to your desktop so there's nothing weighing you down.


  • 100Mbps RJ45 ethernet
  • 4K@30Hz Ultra-HD HDMI (1080p@60Hz)
  • 100w PD USB-C
  • USB 3.0
  • 1m/3ft nylon braided cable
  • 90-degree USB-C connector for a comfortable gaming grip
  • All ports positioned at the back for a clean desktop appearance
  • Velcro surface mounts secure hub and attached cables in place


PingPro has been designed and tested to work with flagship devices featuring the most powerful CPU chips such as those made by Apple and Qualcomm. These CPUs are designed to handle the high-performance multi-tasking that the PingPro is built for. Android phones with lower-end CPUs may experience issues with frame drops and desync during gameplay. Please check the CPU spec of your device before purchasing.