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Frag out with Powerbang LIVE and win CASH!*

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PUBG Mobile has over 400 MILLION downloads and more than 50 MILLION daily active players - that makes it the most played mobile game in the world! 

We're giving all of you loyal PUBG players a chance to slay out and win real money - just like the pros! The MGC x PUBGM Solo Showdown features 3 weekly rounds hosted by mobile gaming personality Wynnsanity, followed by a monthly big money round hosted by both Wynnsanity and Powerbang. All will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube to a worldwide audience!

Every MGC product includes a special code for entry into the exclusive MGC Elite Discord server where all members will get their chance to compete - so gear up and get ready to fight for those Chicken Dinners in the biggest Solo PUBG Mobile tournament ever created!

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