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ClawSocks Bundle - 2 Packs (12 sleeves)

ClawSocks Bundle - 2 Packs (12 sleeves)

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Upgrade your touch controls with ClawSocks - the premium finger sleeves that instantly improve your mobile gaming consistency, precision and performance! 

We've perfected the finger sleeve formula with our 18-needle Nylon and Spandex weave that's incredibly thin, breathable and durable. We use a generous amount of 100% REAL SILVER thread - the most conductive metal on Earth - for maximum touch response and sensitivity. We finish each sleeve with precision stitching for a seamless feel.

They're simply the best mobile gaming finger sleeves ever designed.


  • Enhances touch control and precision
  • Consistent in-game movement and precision
  • 100% silver thread for the highest conductivity
  • Thin, soft and comfortable stretch
  • High-density weave for lasting performance
  • Combats humidity, sweat, dirt and oil
  • Compatible with all touchscreen devices
  • Package of 6 ClawSocks